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SchoolSkypingTo keep students connected to the classroom when they are temporarily unable to attend

Technology assisting students and schools another win-win


Students who are otherwise successful in school should have their commitment to reenter the classroom celebrated.  Old unproductive standards of leaving an otherwise thriving  a future investment behind, a student, needs to be discarded
I am dedicating the site to the head of school who felt it better to reject a returning student and basis of attendance, Patty Pontarelli. Respected by all and so giving in most ways adn yet freely comfortable and defends he decision to exclude and reject child soley due to attendance. I was shocked and yet there was zero reasoning it just was. Thank you for assisting me to continue th move forward and assist schools and families to see the much more profitable alternatives. I have spoke to faculty, parens and board member s at our school who are all very surprised and the school has been war, helpful, and supportive in middle and upper so why was there inconsistency in the lower I was surprised to find this is a accepted practice or tradition from the past in that it is ok to reject and hurt a student for being sick in a school setting and one that needs to be addressed and stopped entirely. it has not place in today’s view and
Temporary illness such as pneumonia may have an extended absence but once the doctor clears an universal welcome back is offered in some settings should be the standard.

Communication and the use of today’s technology will end outdated practices.

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Today students are challenged more than ever in the classroom.

Parents may let out a sigh of relief when their child is better after being ill but then they may be faced with another hurdle. Catch up with school or worse.  They may find the school not interested in their child anymore and have written them off.

Tutors may assist academic concerns.

Schollskyping is an option for classes that rely on classroom participation.

Communication and commitment to our investment  in the future is the foundation to  replacing unproductive traditions and binging in the new.